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So there I was. Sitting in my room in the dark while the rain cried down my window. And pounded on the roof. I picked up my guitar and i was instantly struck with a song. The lyrics poured out of me spontaneously; lyrics about losing someone, someone who sparked my heart, yet refused to stay. This is Halo...

Blue Eyes
I never realized how I could become so madly in love with someone... Until I met him. His eyes. Oh, his eyes. The prettiest blue/green you could ever imagine. Without warning, I was infused with feelings of admiration and intimidation for this one boy. They cautioned me to not get too close, for the power of love would consume my soul. But I didn't listen...
Done With Love

Done With Love is a passionate song about being over a relationship. My strong lyrics and fiery tone brings an upbeat rhythm which will express the intimidating meaning of this piece.

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